Press Kit

Third Island are a post-metal band formed in 2015 and based in Limerick, Ireland. Aiming to create a unique sound, the band draws from a wide array of influences including doom, post rock, shoegaze, sludge, progressive and stoner rock to experiment within their post-metal framework. Using huge guitar tones and against a backdrop of slow, pummeling rhythms, they set out to create a stifling, dark atmosphere tinged with haunting melodies, contrasted against itself through varied structures.

In the summer of 2016 Third Island released their debut EP “Dusk”. Based on themes of nightmares and sleep disorders, these songs bring the listener on a journey through insomnia and fear. In 2018, they released “Omelas”, a concept album following the story of “The Ones Who Walk Away From The Omelas” by Ursula K. Le Guin. The album lyrically and musically explores the themes of the story; the joy of discovery, the pride of the city, the anger and sadness of learning the truth of their false utopia, and final isolation of the ultimatum. Shifting slowly through melancholic post-rock and progressive passages into oppressive, anxious doom and sludge, the album was well received in several reviews online and when aired at shows throughout 2018.

Previously using a drum machine, they have now recruited a drummer and are working on new material for release in 2019, as well as rehearsing a live set more intense and dynamic than before. Third Island are currently looking for live shows with their new line up. Please get in touch via social media or for bookings and availability.


Third Island are:
Liam O’Connor – Guitar, Vocals
John Quill – Guitar, Vocals
Séamus Quaid – Bass
Scott Kemp – Drums


“Third Island can be so damn heavy but their disconcerting approach to how that comes out on
Unspeakable is memorable as hell.”


“Third Island should appeal to fans of doom-based, ethereal, atmospheric classics such as
Anathema and Paradise Lost”


“Third Island blend doom, drone, and sludge sounds to create a beautifully bleak soundtrack for the
perpetually sleepless.”