Reduced Prices on Bandcamp

For the next few days, we have our full discography – 5 releases – reduced to €3 on Bandcamp. We have also made most of our individual releases pay-what-you-like, and have added some merch bundles and reduced pricing. If you haven’t grabbed our releases already, now’s the time – give yourselves a catalog of music to enjoy over the next while.

There is a wealth of excellent local music right now, of any genre, to explore and we would recommend using this time to go through Bandcamp on a free evening, headphones on, check out any amount of them, and pick up the odd CD off your favourites. Need some inspiration on the metal side of things? Go for the Paranoid Beast samplers on Bandcamp for a wealth of artists. Check out some Siege of Limerick line up posters. Want some more direct recs? Here are some bands we have recently enjoyed (and some we’ve had the pleasure of gigging with) that we couldn’t recommend enough:
Electricals – TOOMS – Partholón – Coroza – Slung From A Tree – Skellig – Ornith – Kyrovian – Aborted Earth – Horrenda – Shardborne – WE COME IN PIECES – Aponym – Gealach – Zealot Cult – Raum Kingdom – MOLARBEAR – Iona Death Cult – Dark_Matter – alright, I’m definitely forgetting a heap, but this list is already long.

Cheers always for your support.